We help investors and regular buyers find properties at 65 to 80 cents on the dollar!

What we do for our trusted customers…

* Active inventory of properties on our website at www.reskills.net/wholesale

* Let us know exactly what you want and we will shop for you

* Confirm your areas by county, your price maximum and your math strategies

* We get 5+ new wholesale properties per day to review for you

* We charge a transaction management fee to assist you 

* You pay nothing unless you purchase the property we found for you 

* We prefer to work with smaller investors and can help with the whole process

* Confirm availability and access on properties that interest you.

* Set up visit to subject property for your inspection

* Provide you with comparable sales analysis to help set your future sales price

* Assist with negotiations with the seller

* Provide transaction management services

* Set up private financing for you, from 10 to 30% down and 100% rehab funds

* List home for sale when you are ready

There are different ways that the homes become available… foreclosures, homes in default, desperate sellers, pre-probate sales, auctions and so on.

You have to move fast with these homes, they can be sold immediately.


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