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Time Spent Planning the Purchase of Your New Home Will Pay Off for Decades into the Future

Secret #1 – Choosing the best professionals to help you navigate the process is going to make a huge difference in the results you achieve.

Tom Flecky has decades of experience helping folks like you navigate the home buying experience. They have compiled this book with the goal of helping you to buy the right home in the right neighborhood with the right financing, and to accomplish all of that with the least stress.

The truth is, a large percentage (some say 30% or more) of homebuyers suffer buyer’s remorse after their home purchase. That doesn’t have to be you. This book contains detailed lists of issues to be aware of, costs that can surprise you, and methods for heading off problems before they occur.

The bidding wars may have cooled a bit, but they will be back. The inventory of desirable homes is still historically low. When the economy bounces back, so will the hot seller’s market. You will maximize your chances of winning the bid on your perfect home just by following the recommendations you’ll find in this book.

There is no other book like this one for home buyers. It is comprehensive and detailed. You’ll want to keep it by your side so you can refer to it all throughout the process.

Be sure to recommend this book to your friends who are thinking about buying. If they are on the fence about renting or buying, there’s a great section that details every part of that debate.

Here’s to your new home; may it be the home of your dreams!

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