z#Purchase Options

Conventional Loans – Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac

FHA Government Loans – 3.5% Down Payment

USDA Rural Loans – No Down Payment

VA Loans – No Down Payment

First Time Home Buyers – No Down Payment or Costs

Buy home and rehab, add rooms or a pool

Special Loans for police, fire, medical Clients

Self-Employed Borrowers – Use deposits

Self-Employed Borrowers – Use assets

Self-Employed Borrowers – No earnings

Jumbo Borrowers

Adjustable Loans

Buy new home from builder

Shorter Loan Terms – 10, 15, 20, 25 years

Piggyback Second Loans to avoid PMI

Interest Only Loans

Investment Properties

Short sales

buying into a Trust


Construction Loans

Commercial Loans

Bridge Loans – Before Selling Your Old Home

ITN cards or Foreign Nationals

Buying a Home in Probate

Buying Second or Vacation Homes

Get Loan and Payoff in 7 Years

Cash Buyers Can Buy Wholesale

downsize home and buy with no house payment

buy manufactured homes

buy land and build modular

buy using private loan, then refi immediately

buy multi units and live for free

buy and flip homes

buy rental and add ADU

buy rental and turn into airbnb

add a rental each 2 years

buy mixed use and live on site

For Sale By Owner / Online Options

Lease Option – take over in 2 years

For sale by owner / Online Options

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