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Let’s work together sharing our tools, resources and loan products and increase your total transactions each month!

We know the clearest incentive for a BORROWER is to work with a lender that offers a strong service experience, but product availability is equally as important. We know how to serve the needs of your referred clients, which means having access to a variety of the best loan products with the BEST RATES available.




Quick & Dependable Pre-Approvals

Don’t waste time with a buyer who cannot qualify for financing. Realtors need a Preapproval letter that will inspire confidence in the Seller and the Listing Agent. 

Fast Loan Closings Less than 30 Days

We can close loans as fast as any lender in the nation. Our investor relationships and deep understanding of mortgage loan guidelines allows us to move quick.

Consistent Updates for Clients & Agents

We keep you informed on the status of the loan approval.  We return your calls quickly and accommodate your needs to get a quick answer.

Pre-Approved Clients are Referred to You

Whenever possible, we strongly refer pre-approved clients to our preferred Agents. This also includes any clients that come from your previous Agent referrals.


Great Mortgage Loan Options

We have all the great residential loans you need including: No Money Down, FHA , VA, FannieMae and 10% no PMI, Reverse Purchases and so much more. 

Special Financing Available

We can refer you to selected lenders that do: No Qualifying, Stated Income, ITIN, Forg national, Construction, Land, Commercial and Private Flip Loans. 

Find Homes for Sale at 20%+ Off Retail

We know how to find homes over 20% off for cash or “flip” home buyers. In many cases, we can also finance the purchase for them.

Grants and Zero Down Purchase Loans

We offer various no money down loans. Many include grants or Silent Second T.D.’s to cover down payments and closing costs.


Agent Minimum Marketing

Our referral based marketing plan can generate good leads at the minimum costs available. We can help you improve your marketing.

Share Buyer/Seller Leads

Let’s work together on creating and then managing new leads. We can get Buyer and Seller leads from established marketing sources.

Leads from Referral Sources

There are companies out there that create buyer and seller leads to you, if you agree to give them a percentage of the agent commission.

Power Partner Networking

Work with a group of vendors and industry professionals who support each other. Choose the people that others will trust to share their new referrals with. 


Expert Loan Processing

We have many years of loan processing experience. This allows us to prevent surprises by being one step ahead of the bank underwriters.

Transaction Coordination

We provide transaction coordinating for our Buyer and Seller Agents. Let us do the loan and manage your real estate paperwork in one!

CRM and Budgeting Training

We can assist you in setting up or improving your CRM drip marketing, monthly budgeting and effective daily expediting.

Credit Repair Solutions

With a little time and patience, we can take your low credit score clients through credit repair all the way to buying homes with your help.

Tom Flecky

Tom has over 20 years experience in Real Estate and Mortgages. 

He has EXPERIENCED REALTORS who partner with him and help Buyers and Sellers get the smartest solutions to meet their dream scenarios. We specialize in buying and selling homes in Southern California!

Tom has also been doing MORTGAGES for many years. Our company GRAND AVENUE is a broker with over 40 banks and investors to choose from. We have access to all the great loan programs and can offer the LOWEST INTEREST RATES in the nation.

Real estate is one of the largest and most exciting investments one can make. We are here to make sure that your process is a fun and rewarding one!


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